For skin conditions that are varying from excessively dry skin, acne, veins and disease related skin conditions, we provide a challenging solution with the advantage of our state-of-the-art medical equipment and distinguished skilled doctors and specialists from all over the world.

We merge the experience of our international team of doctors, specialists and consultants with our investment in latest medical technologies and lasers to ensure that our clients and patients obtain locally what they could have obtain by travelling across the world for the same experience.

We deal with a variety of skin disorders any patient could face starting from the most common problems to the rare skin diseases. Our patient’s satisfaction is our utmost priority, ensuring they are well taken care of.

We provide results-driven procedures to help eliminate patient’s dermatological complaints or concerns regardless of the simplicity or severity of the skin condition in both medical and cosmetic-related concerns.

We deploy pioneers in the dermatology filed of specialty whom are also active in the academic dimension of their practice.


The following treatments we offer for various types of skin:


Clinical Dermatology

Skin Diseases affect many people. Although long-term skin diseases aren’t always curable, there are many different alternatives to subside the pain and irritation they may cause you; including medication and lifestyle changes to decrease symptoms and make you feel better.


Some Skin Diseases Include:

Acne & Acne Scarring


Medical Dermatology

In our Medical Dermatology department, we focus on providing patient with integrated comprehensive solution for skin diseases. Accordingly we offer the various treatment methods and options under one roof, such as aiding the medical and pharmacological treatments with Radiation and Laser therapies.


Our Services in this Specialized Department


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